8 Natural Mother’s Day Gifts Every Natural Mom Actually Wants

8 Natural Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s time to get your mom (or wife, if you are helping the kids) Natural Mother’s Day gifts she ACTUALLY wants. She works hard all year around and you want to get her something of good quality, but also something that she’d use and love.

1. Bath Salts

Easy and very affordable! This is the perfect gift for your mom even if you are a broke college student. Epsom salt and a few drops of essential oil is very affordable. It’s a homemade gift – and pretty sure Mom’s love homemade gifts from their kiddos. 😉 I have a recipe for Bath Salts with essential oil suggestions here.

2. Diffuser

A common gift for moms and grandmas and wives is a candle. Skip it. Candles may smell good but they are definitely not for the natural mom. Try getting her a diffuser instead! It’s the natural version of a candle – make your home smell nice with essential oils but also benefit from the therapeutic value of the essential oils. And no worries if she already has one – you ALWAYS need a another diffuser. My favorite diffuser is the Petal Diffuser by doTERRA.

3. Coupon Book

Have young kids that want to make mom something nice and meaningful? Have them put together a mother’s day coupon book! It’s a classic mother’s day gift – and for good reason! She’ll love it!

Coupon ideas:

  • Sweep the Kitchen
  • Vacuum living room
  • Make dinner
  • Foot massage
  • Make mom a cup of coffee

Don’t have the time to make your own? I’ve found a couple of different coupon books for you HERE and HERE.

4. Garden Starter Kit

Does you mother have an herb garden yet? Get her a starter kit with the pot, soil, and seeds! If you want it to be an extra special gift, add gloves and a fun gardening hat! I love this desktop Kitchen Farm. It’s cute, right?? And I love that it’s good for any mom – city or country! You have your herbs right there in the kitchen or on the porch.
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5. 101 Blessings

I love this card set on Amazon. It has 101 cards with verses and reminders of love. They are the size of a deck of cards. Make mom lunch and add a sweet card, hide the cards where she’ll find them! It’s fun and a guaranteed hit.
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6.Essential Oils

Get your mom some Essential Oils. They are the newest BIG thing in the natural world. I’d start her off with some of the basics like Lavender, Lemon, & Peppermint – it’s as cheap as $20 for the three in an Intro Kit.

Note: Do not just buy essential oils off the shelf of your local health food store. There’s not good regulations in the essential oil industry and frankly, “100% essential oil” doesn’t mean that you are getting good or safe product. Make sure you research the company you are buying from and make the best choice for you. My family and I did research and chose doTERRA Essential Oils. Learn more about their Certified Pure Tested Grade standard.

7. Kombucha Starter Kit

All Natural mama should be making Kombucha! I have a tutorial on how to grow your own SCOBY but you can also just get your mom a starter kit to make it fool proof! Kombucha is the latest and greatest beverage to *almost* go mainstream in the natural world.
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8.  Gift Card

It’s a given and maybe not the craftiest of natural mother’s day gifts suggestions. But you can’t go wrong!

  • Get her a Starbucks gift card with a cute mom mug!
  • Try a Target gift card and offer to babysit so she can get out by herself!
  • Treat her to a day at the spa!

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