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Emily Dodge

Emily Dodge is a university student pursuing her bachelor’s degree in English and Journalism. Using essential oils has improved her quality of life in many different ways, and she looks forward to see how they can improve her life in the future. She has always loved exploring national parks, learning about other people and their histories, and delving into novels while chasing her dreams: a perfectly brewed cup of tea — plus a dog and a cat.

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Douglas fir being used for essential oils
Emily Dodge

Douglas Fir Essential Oil

Douglas Fir is known for its use in Christmas and wintertime traditions, but the tree has much more to offer when used aromatically or applied topically.

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Herb being used for essential oils
Emily Dodge

Together Tour Kit 2019

Missed the Salt Lake City convention? No worries! The Together Tour will travel across the United States, and you can get this packed tour kit there or online!

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