Breathe Essential Oil

Breathe essential oil is an amazing essential oil blend. I use it almost everyday. It is perfect for opening up your lungs and the smell of mint makes me feel happy all day!

About Breathe Essential Oil

Breathe is one of doTERRA’s most popular essential oil blends due to its powerful uses and benefits. It is well known for its ability to maintain feelings of clear airways. doTERRA Breathe is enriched with a series of oils that help cool and invigorate, promoting feelings of easy breathing.

doTERRA Breathe minimizes the effects of seasonal threats when applied topically or diffused. This powerful blend can also be used to promote peaceful sleep.

doTERRA Breathe is a blend of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Lemon, Cardamom, Ravensara, and Laurel Leaf. This blend emits an airy and fresh mint aroma. 

Uses and Benefits

  • Diffuse, or rub on chest or feet when seasonal and environmental threats are high.
  • Use when outdoors to minimize the effects of seasonal threats.
  • Diffuse at bedtime for a restful environment.
  •  Maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing
  • Apply topically to feel the direct effects of Breathe essential oil.
  • Blend Breathe with your favorite essential oils (Peppermint, Spearmint, Wild Orange, Bergamot, and Lime work really well with Breathe!) and diffuse them
  • Use during Exercise to ease breathing

doTERRA Essential Oils

I recommend only one brand of essential oils. Please do not use these tips if you are going to go out and buy the cheapest brands that you can find.

When it comes to essential oils, you get what you pay for. There’s hardly any regulation on the essential oil market so you have to do your due diligence when purchasing oils.

After research, I fell on doTERRA. DoTERRA holds themself to the highest purity and safety standards on the market. Plus, they hold themselves to fair trade and sustainability practices. 

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