Essential Oils for Children and Babies

Children & Babies

You are your children’s parent. You are capable of taking care of your child’s health. I once was scared and timid and lacked confidence in the choices I made for my children’s health. When my daughter was an infant other women took me under their wings and helped me find confidence in my motherhood. They taught me how to use doTERRA essential oils and supplements for my children and baby’s wellness. I’ve now been using them for years on my kids and now I’ve turned around and I want to help you feel the confidence that I now feel in taking care of my kids in a natural and healthy way. I’ll give tips and tricks on how to use essential oils for the normal everyday problems your children will run into.

Mother holder your baby after putting a essential oil cream for its diaper
Kate Sosebee

DIY Natural Diaper Cream

Play Video We love our homemade diaper cream. It’s super cheap, safe, all-natural, and can be used with our cloth diapers! I didn’t realize that

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