My Daily Essential Oil Routine

I don’t just preach to use Essential Oils and then not use them in my own daily routine. I use these oils every single day, multiple times a day. I get asked all the time what my daily essential oil routine is, so I figured I write it down for you! I also include other doTERRA products like supplements, personal care, and cleaning supplies.

To give you a little background, I’m a work-from-home, mid-20s mother of two small kids and an Air Force pilot’s wife. Learn more about me on my Meet Kaitlyn page.

Along with my own routine, I’ve also blogged about Dr. Hill’s recommended daily routine! Check it out!

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My Daily Essential Oil Routine

6 am

6 am isn’t exact. I get out of bed whenever the preschoolers get up – so this morning it was actually 0530. Yuck. When my husband isn’t off flying I usually get to sneak back up to bed for an extra hour and he takes the kids. (He’s the best).

Anywho, I love to start the day off with an uplifting essential oil in the diffuser. Right now a favorite is Cheer essential oil. It’s a nice, sweet, and feel-good smell to start your day off right. It gets the whole house in a good mood.

6:30 am

I’ve probably made my coffee by now. It’s been sitting in the French Press and it smells fantastic. We opt for a low-acidic coffee – it tastes just as great but I know it’s probably a little bit better for our bodies and teeth. I skip the sugar and add just a dash of creamer or coconut milk. My husband and I love to add a drop of Cinnamon Essential Oil to our coffee. It’s a tasty addition to my coffee in the morning – especially in the cooler months. That drop of cinnamon just feels so festive and warm.

We also add a scoop or two of Vital Protein’s Collagen. This stuff is amazing alongside doTERRA’s Vitamins and supplements. Taking Collagen daily in your coffee is an easy way to get extra protein and make up for us not drinking bone broth regularly. We like this brand because it’s high quality, bioavailable stuff and you can’t taste it AT ALL. It mixes so well into our hot or cold drinks. We’ve seen great improvements in our nails, teeth, and gut health.

7:30 am

Tummies are probably starting to rumble. If my husband is home, everyone is probably fed by now. But when he’s not….well, tummies are rumbling. I’m not a huge breakfast person – not the best habit – but I just don’t really enjoy it. We have a few regular breakfasts. We might have scrambled eggs or Mini Quiche with bell peppers, onions, spinach, and Black Pepper Essential Oil. We also love having Banana or Pumpkin bread or Apple Oatmeal Pancakes with OnGuard Essential Oil.

8 am

I take out my Life Long Vitality Pack (my wholefood vitamins) and set out a half-dose of the pills (that’s two of each). I also set out my probiotic, my PB+Assist, and anything else I might need that day depending on how I’m feeling or according to what my iTOVI scanner says I need. I take them all with some filtered water.

I also pull out vitamins for the kids. The serving size is based on a four year old so they each get a half dose for the day. They are 20 months and 3 years old. I yell “vitamin time!” and I hear quick pitter patters as the babies run over for their vitamins. They get the A2Z chewable vitamins plus IQ Mega and sometimes PB Assist Jr.

8:30 am

I should probably wash the dishes and wipe off the counter and table after having breakfast. I use my Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner using OnGuard Concentrate Cleaner or a Citrus Essential Oil like Lemon or Wild Orange.

9:00 am

By now we’ve moved upstairs to shower and get around for the day (possibly running late for a play date or gymnastics by now). In the shower I use my doTERRA Shampoo and Conditioner, Body Wash, and Verage face cleanser – all are infused with CPTG Essential Oils.

Out of the shower I rub doTERRA’s scalp serum into my scalp – it’s really helped with my dry scalp. I brush my teeth with OnGuard Toothpaste and then I swish with water and drop of OnGuard Essential Oil.

I put on my face (aka makeup). My mascara might have a drop of Lavender in it to make it last longer and I swear my eye lashes are longer.

9:30 am

Yea, I’m rushing around making sure the kids are all ready to go on the day’s adventures. I check the diaper bag to make sure I have enough wipes and diapers for the baby. I use a doTERRA backpack that I got at convention for my diaper bag. The top section has a place for oils so I probably open that top section and pick an emotional support oil that feels right for the moment. Popular choices are  Cheer Touch or Passion Touch, the Happy Mama Blend. I apply the oil to my wrist, my temples, and the back of neck. I inhale deeply and feel good.

9:45 am

We’re in the car headed to our destination for the day! It might be a play date at a friends house or the park, music class, doctor appointment, gymnastics, etc. It changes daily.

12 pm

Back home or out, depending on the day, it’s lunch time! It’s probably going to be PB&Js or meat roll up for lunch with some chopped veggies and fruit. Nothing fancy but the kids love it.

I take the second half of my Life Long Vitality pack (wholefood vitamin) with my lunch plus a Mito2Max if I feel like I need an energy boost. If we ate out I definitely make sure that I take a Terrazyme.

Next is naptime.


One year old is napping and I’ve set my 3 year old up with coloring or a small, quiet project. She loves this time because she gets to do something special that he little brother can’t quite do yet. This is when I catch up on some work stuff and/or blog.

I pull out my Motivate Touch and apply to my wrist, temples, and the back of my neck. I inhale deeply. Love this stuff. I’m ready to get work done.


Oops, we need groceries! Let’s run out now that the baby is awake and get some stuff for the week. I’m addicted to my emotional support oils so in the car I grab my Happy Mama Blend (equal parts Bergamot, Grapefruit, and Douglas Fir) that’s hanging on my keychain. I apply to my wrist, back of neck, and temples. This stuff is the best. I suggest everyone make this blend.

4 pm

I work on laundry. I use OnGuard Laundry Detergent and I use Lavender with Dryer Balls. We’ve completely made over my laundry room with essential oils. Can you tell yet that I’m an essential oil addict?

5 pm

Maybe the husband is home from work by now, or not, either way it’s time to make dinner. And you guessed it, it probably has some essential oils in it. Some of the most popular dinner choices are Pasta Primavera with Marjoram, Stuffed Peppers or Tacos with Cumin, Stir Fry with Ginger and Cilantro.

6:30 pm

We’ve finished dinner and it’s time for bedtime routine. I set up the diffusers in the kid’s rooms and the rooms fill with the scent of Lavender or Serenity to help my kids sleep. I apply Lavender with some coconut oil to their spines and the bottoms of their feet. I might have put a drop of Lemon and Lavender in their bathtub if they had a bath that night.

9 pm

Time to think about my own bedtime! I pop a Serenity capsule or two, set up my diffuser with Peace Essential Oil (or another sleep oil) and sleep soundly through the night. I also take the Bone Nutrient Complex and the Phytoestrogen before bed!

PHEW! Wow. I didn’t even realize how many essential oils I use Daily. This is seriously my routine everyday. This is without dealing with environmental or seasonal threats or others crazy things. It’s just a normal day in our home – never feeling like a lot. It feels natural. It’s so normal and we feel so great with this routine. I invite you to try it out!

I hope you found this at least slightly helpful!

What essential oils and supplements to you use daily? I’d love to hear your routine!

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