DDR Prime Cellular Complex
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DDR Prime (Cellular Complex)

What in the world is DDR Prime for? You probably hear lots of your friends saying things that sounds fantastic but still don’t quite answer your questions. Your friends say things like:

DDR Prime does BIG things.

DDR Prime is Amazing.

Or you should try DDR Prime, just try it.

But why?

It’s definitely not easy to navigate your way through all the compliant-speak. (ahem, reminds me of George Orwell’s Double Speak). Well, I have to be compliant here – so no worries…but do know that DDR Prime really does big and beautiful things – and yes it’s absolutely worth trying.

I didn’t start taking DDR Prime consistently until I started to consistently scan for it. I don’t have anything “wrong” with me physically – so I assumed there was no way I needed it. But then I started to research the emotional needs related to DDR Prime and I think that adding it to my supplemental schedule was the right move.

What is DDR Prime?

DDR Prime Essential Oil Cellular Complex is a blend of essential oils that supports healthy cellular integrity. This blend of oils protects against oxidative stress, Clove, Thyme, Litsea, and Wild Orange are all components of DDR Prime and provide powerful antioxidants. This blend also includes essential oils from Frankincense, Lemongrass, Summer Savory, and Niaouli, which help support a healthy immune response. In addition, DDR Prime is calming to the nervous system. (Don’t we all need more of that?) You can soothe the body and the mind by taking a drop internally or combine with a carrier oil and massage into the skin. It’s also supportive to the health of the brain and nervous system, use DDR Prime as daily overall wellness support.

What does DDR Prime stand for?

Damaged DNA Repair

Why Do You Need DDR Prime?

Cells are the foundation of all living things. Their growth,
replication, and death provide the information for the function of all
our body’s systems. As we get older, cellular function progressively degrades
and this process can be expedited by poor nutrition, lack of exercise,
stress, exposure to toxins, and other lifestyle habits. When cellular
function is compromised, the normal process of growth and regeneration
is altered, negatively impacting all normal and healthy processes.

Oxidative stress, an imbalance between the production of free radicals
and your body’s ability to counteract them, is a natural process that
can greatly influence your overall well-being. Antioxidants are
molecules that are present in cells. These molecules donate electrons to
unbalanced free radicals in order to balance them and stop the cycle of
cellular degradation. While antioxidants are found in abundance in many
whole foods, it is often difficult to get the amount and specific types
of antioxidants our body needs for peak cellular health. DDR Prime
Cellular Complex offers an easy way to get this antioxidant support.

The essential oils in the DDR Prime blend help combat this issue by helping to support cell health, function, and renewal. Just a few drops daily, taken in a drink, capsule, or softgel, provide
powerful protection against oxidative stress to support normal cellular

Main Ingredients:

DDR Prime is chock-full of amazing CPTG ( Certified Pure Tested Grade) Essential Oils. Check it out.


Renowned as one of the most prized and precious essential oils,
Frankincense oil has extraordinary health benefits. In addition to its
notoriety in the New Testament, the Babylonians and Assyrians would burn
Frankincense in religious ceremonies and the ancient Egyptians used
Frankincense resin for everything from perfume to salves for soothing
skin. This centuries-old knowledge contributes to the modern uses of
Frankincense oil today. Its soothing and beautifying properties are used
to rejuvenate skin and help reduce the appearance of imperfections when
applied topically.

As the king of oils, Frankincense is known to
support healthy cellular, immune, nervous, and digestive function when
used internally.


Wild Orange:

I love Wild Orange. We might use this oil more than any other citrus oil. And the only oils to beat this oil in which one we use the most often is probably the Lavender and Serenity – and that’s because we use those every night in our kid’s bedrooms to help with restful sleep. Anyways, back to Wild Orange, it’s a diverse essential oil that does a lot – but it’s in DDR Prime because of it’s ability to support a healthy cellular response.

Cold pressed from the peel, Wild Orange oil is one of doTERRA’s top
selling essential oils due to its energizing aroma and multiple health
benefits. High in monoterpenes, Wild Orange oil possesses stimulating
and purifying qualities, making it ideal to support healthy immune
system function
when used internally. It can be taken daily to cleanse
the body
or used on surfaces as a natural cleaner. Diffusing Wild
Orange oil will energize and uplift the mind and body while purifying
the air. Wild Orange oil enhances any essential oil blend with a fresh,
sweet, refreshing aroma.


Sadly, Lemongrass is not something we use a whole lot in our home. I need to fix that. I tend to get stuck in the same top ten oils and forget (ahem, get lazy) to branch out. But I keep learning more and more about the oils and I’m shocked by how amazing some of these essential oils – ones that I wrote off as “basic.” Dumb me. Lemongrass is an amazing versatile oil and it’s in the DDR Prime blend mostly because of it’s ability to help our bodies protect itself against environmental threats.

Hello, I have two toddlers in the house – why am I not using this oil more often??? You know how many snotty noses I wipe a day? I think I need more Lemongrass in my life.

A tall, perennial plant, Lemongrass has a subtle citrus flavor and is
used in Asian cuisine in soups, teas, and curries as well as with fish,
poultry, beef, and seafood. In addition to its unique flavor, Lemongrass
essential oil promotes healthy digestion and acts as an overall tonic
to the body’s systems when ingested.
Lemongrass oil also purifying and
toning to the skin
, and is frequently used in skin care products for
these benefits. Lemongrass is an ideal oil to use in massage therapy.
Lemongrass essential oil has a pungent, herbaceous aroma that can
heighten awareness and promote a positive outlook.


Thyme is not just for your Italian dishes. No way – so much more than that. It’s great for it’s cleansing and purifying properties for the skin but also for supporting a healthy immune system. It’s in this product for it’s broad-spectrum activity in promoting immunity and cellular health.

Thought to impart courage to its bearer, Thyme was given to knights and
warriors before they went into battle by ladies of the Middle Ages.
During this same period, Thyme was often placed beneath pillows to help
promote a peaceful sleep and to ward off nightmares. The ancient Greeks
used Thyme in their baths and burned it as an incense in their temples
while the Egyptians used it in their traditional ceremonies. Today,
Thyme is commonly used as a seasoning, but it also produces a potent
essential oil that has cleansing and purifying effects for the skin;
however, due to its high thymol content, Thyme oil should be diluted
with a carrier oil before application. Thyme oil has specific chemistry
that supports a healthy immune system.

Summer Savory:

Summer Savory essential oil contains relatively high concentrations of carvacrol,
a chemical constituent found in Thyme and Oregano essential oils.
However, unlike Thyme and Oregano, Summer Savory also has significant
concentrations of gamma-terpinene. Carvacrol, a monoterpene phenol, has
been extensively studied for its benefits in the body. Due to their
chemistry, phenols have been known to exhibit protective effects against
environmental threats

Experimental research suggests that carvacrol, the main
constituent in Summer Savory, can support normal function of cells in
the stomach
. Summer Savory and its main constituent, carvacrol, may support healthy liver function. Carvacrol is also known to exhibit antioxidant
action at the cellular level, protecting cells and DNA from damage
imposed by free radicals
. This lends support to cells that line the
gastrointestinal tract.


Clove is a pretty cool one. You’ve probably heard of it and the first thing you think of is how its helps support oral health. But did you also know that it’s great for it’s powerful antioxidant properties?

Clove has been used for years in dental preparations, candy, and gum for
its flavor and ability to cleanse the mouth, yet it provides a myriad
of benefits. Its main chemical component, eugenol, makes it a very
stimulating and energizing essential oil that can be used as a warming
massage oil. Clove oil contains powerful antioxidant properties and
supports cardiovascular health
when taken internally.


Niaouli essential oil is a naturally stimulating essential oil because
of its eucalyptol content and composition of monoterpenes. Its chemistry
makes it a pleasant complement to a soothing massage or diffuser blend.
Because of its powerful properties, Niaouli essential oil can support
the maintenance of healthy-looking mouths and skin when diluted
properly. It can also work as an effective addition to a cleaning spray
by improving its cleansing benefits. But it’s in DDR Prime for it’s ability to support healthy cells.

Key Benefits

You know the main ingredients in DDR Prime now but what does it do as a full system? Let’s check it out:

  • Promotes a healthy response to free-radicals.*
  • Supports healthy cellular integrity.*
  • Pairs well with Fractionated Coconut Oil for a soothing topical massage.
  • Add one to two drops to citrus drinks, tea, or water and consume daily to protect the body and cells from oxidative stress.*
  • Provides important antioxidant benefits.*

Ways to Use DDR Prime

  1. As mentioned, DDR Prime is designed to support healthy cellular
    integrity. Cellular health is the foundation of health; when the normal
    process of cellular growth, replication, and regeneration is altered,
    all body systems and functions are affected. A daily serving of DDR
    Prime provides the antioxidant support we need for lifelong cellular
  2. You can enjoy the benefits of DDR Prime by adding one to two drops
    to citrus drinks, tea, or water and consume daily to protect the body
    and cells from oxidative stress. If you are concerned about receiving
    proper cellular support, it is as easy as adding a few drops of DDR
    Prime to a drink in the morning, or a capsule as needed.
  3. DDR Prime can also be used topically. For a soothing topical massage, dilute DDR Prime with  Fractionated Coconut Oil and gently massage into the skin. Use less at first because their are some hot or sensitive oils in the DDR Prime blend. Use extra coconut oil at first to dilute the blend even further. Use extra coconut oil if you’ve had extra exposure to the sun lately, have sensitive skin, or recently ungone chemotherapy.

How to Take DDR Prime

  • Add one to two drops of DDR Prime to citrus drinks, teas, or water,
    and consume daily to protect the body and cells from oxidative stress.
    This product is safe to consume daily.
  • Take a DDR Prime Softgel! DoTERRA has made the process all too easy by making the essential oil available in a softgel that you take with your normal daily vitamins. Take two softgels daily with a meal (may be taken one each, morning and evening). Recommended for adult use only.

Can DDR Prime be Diffused?

Yes, absolutely!! All of the oils in DDR Prime can be diffused! Throw a few drops in your favorite diffuser to help purify the air and to give a beautiful uplifting aroma in your home or office.

13 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for the catch!! I wrote this post while sitting in the airport on the way to a conference – and apparently it shows! I appreciate you letting me know 🙂

  2. I get lazy and forget DDR:( I’ve had it like 3 yrs? and use it like once every blue moon! I am thankful for your reminder. I do a lot of oils but this one made me burp it up and is so strong that I got away from it and I must need it! Be blessed

  3. How much of each oil to makeup the blend? I’m in the uk and they don’t sell the mixed ddr blend here.
    Thank you

    1. Hey Sal! That information is proprietary. But we do know what oils are the most prominent and which are present the least. Here are all the ingredients listed from most to least:

      Frankincense Resin, Wild Orange Peel,
      Lemongrass Leaf, Thyme Plant, Clove Bud, Summer
      Savory Plant, and Niaouli Leaf essential oils.

    1. It totally depends on your need. I’d definitely recommend that you contact the Wellness Advocate that you enrolled with and see if they can help you out in a more personal way.

      For a gentle blend, I’d recommend one drop in a tablespoon of coconut oil.

    1. That’s up to your own discretion. But I do use it on my young children, I just dilute the oil well.

  4. I’ve read articles (from natural path DR.s) that say we should not consume essential oils daily as it is not the most effective (and Medicinal) way to use them. Long term internal use is never advised as it can potentially cause liver damage and the body can develop resistance. So how is daily intake of DDR (or any of the other E.O supplements) different? Very confused…I’m a believer and user (maybe too much ) of oils and would like to balance what is best for my body..

    1. Hey Jeff! Thanks for the comment!

      You have an excellent question – one that I have asked myself. I’m going to refer you to doTERRA’s official responses in regards to internal use of essential oils. They do a much better job of explaining things than I do.

      Before you jump over to their site though, know that if YOU are not comfortable taking an essential oil internally, you don’t have to! I believe that after research, talking to doctors and nurses on my team, and attending conference where doctor’s spoke about internal essential oil usage, that it is safe. I use them internally for myself and my children. But just because I use internally doesn’t mean you HAVE to. Essential oils are very versatile and you are more than welcome to just use them topically and aromatically. (Note that I only recommend taking doTERRA’s CPTG oils internally – not all oils are created equally).







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