Enroll with an Australian doTERRA Membership – Wholesale vs. Wellness Advocate

doTERRA Australian Membership


Wanna get a little bit (or a lot bit) healthier? Let me help you make the switch to CPTG Essential Oils! Maybe you want to make your own natural cleaners or help your family get healthier – either way, you know this is the way to go with a doTERRA Australian Membership.

Welcome to the oil obsession!

Now, doTERRA is an American company.

Can you enroll in Australia?


What does it mean to be a Wholesale Customer?

You get these things:

  • wholesale prices (that’s 25% off retail price)
  • access to all promotions and deals
  • opportunity to join the Loyalty Rewards Program and earn back 10-30% of your orders back in points to use towards free oils! Eek! Who doesn’t love free oils?
  • no obligation to order again
  • no obligation to do the business

What does it mean to be a Wellness Advocate?

All of the above plus the opportunity to make money by sharing the essential oils with your friends and family! You can always easily upgrade to Wellness Advocate with a quick phone call to customer service.

How do I enroll with a doTERRA Australian Membership?

It’s easy! It’s actually the same as the US!

Check out the Australian Enrollment Kits Here.

To Order:

1. Follow this LINK.

2. Click on menu. Choose Join & Save.

3. Click on Join doTERRA and choose your language/country.

4. Choose between Wholesale Customer (customer) or Wellness Advocate (for those that want to pursue the business)

5. Choose between US dollars and using a US warehouse or UA $ and an AU warehouse.

5. Fill out the form.

6. On the next page you can choose the Introductory Packet (this is just the yearly membership) or you can choose an Enrollment Kit for an even bigger discount. See above for the kit options. This is also the page where you can add other products – check out the current promotions.

7. When you’ve finished you’ll be sent an email with your log-in information for all of your future orders at your new wholesale price!

Congrats on your new Australian doTERRA Membership!

Once you have an account you have the opportunity to be a part of the Loyalty Rewards Program! Learn more HERE. It’s how I get $39 in free oils every month.

More doTERRA Australian Resources

Wholesale Price List – AU

Australian doTERRA Tools

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