DoTERRA Borrow Bag

Do you ever have a friend or family member in need of essential oils but they don’t own any of their own yet? Here’s an idea: Be Kind, and let them borrow some of yours in a doTERRA Borrow Bag!

I have lots of oils and I love giving them to friends and family to use in their times of need. Yeah, it’s way better if they have their own. But sometimes you just don’t know you have a need until the need has risen.

In comes my doTERRA Borrow Bag!

I’ve put together a bag of a few basics for when my friends aren’t feeling quite their best and they need some environmental support.

What’s in the doTERRA Borrow Bag?


Diffusers are essential to getting the most out of your oils, totally experiencing them, purifying the air, and supporting everyone in the home. I put my Brevi diffuser in this bag. It’s an affordable and easy-to-use diffuser – plus its beautiful! It’s covers a room and it runs for a long time.

Miniature Guide Book

I think it’s super important that my friends and family know how much even just the few oils in my bag can do for their health. A small essential oil guide book can go a long way and they only cost about a $1 at essential oil supply stores!

Essential Oils

My borrow bag has 7 oils and blends and 2 types of drops from doTERRA.


-Diffuse to purify the air and promote healthy immune systems
-Apply topically along the spine and/or the bottoms of the feet with a carrier oil for immune support
-Add a drop to your hand and spread to purify your hands and provide protection against environmental threats.


-Apply topically to the chest when you need respiratory support
-Apply to the bottoms of the feet for respiratory support. This supports against both environmental and seasonal threats.
-Diffuse to support the respiratory system

Defense Roller

Contains 5 drops OnGuard, 3 drops Lemon, 5 drops Wild Orange, 5 drops Lavender, & 3 drops Grapefruit topped with carrier oil
-Apply topically along the spine and the bottoms of the feet for immune support and protection against environmental threats


-Diffuse alone or with OnGuard for a fresh and purifying scent.
-Add a drop or two to the bath (with epsom salt) to help the body detox gently
**Do not apply citrus oils topically and then go into the direct sun for 12 hours because of sun sensitivity.

Lavender Touch

-Apply along the spine and the bottoms of the feet for a restful night sleep
-Apply to the tummy for digestive support
-Apply topically for skin irritations

Deep Blue

-Apply topically to areas of concern with carrier oil to support your joints and muscles

-Apply topically with coconut oil before working out, straining muscles, or after a long day.


-Apply topically over the area of concern with some coconut oil to support the digestive system
-Take with a small glass of water to support the digestive system
-Add one drop to a cup of tea to soothe the digestive system

OnGuard Drops

-Helps calm and soothe a dry, scratchy throat
-Helps strengthen the body’s defenses
-Made with Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Myrrh essential oils.
-Dissolve in your mouth as needed.

Breathe Drops

-Dissolve in your mouth as needed.
Helps clear airways and breathing
-Helps overall respiratory health
-Calms the senses
-Made with Lemon, Peppermint, Cardamom, Eucalyptus, Thyme, and Melissa essential oils

Essential Oil Cards

I decided to create cute little reference cards with ideas for how my friends and family can USE the essential oils that I’ve let them borrow – afterall, they are NEW to using essential oils!

These cards just give a point or two about the oil or blend. As a matter of fact, the points given above are copy pasted from the cards I created!!

I’ve gotten some requests to make my Essential Oil Cards available so I’ve made a FREE Printable that you can download! I cut mine out on normal printer paper and then pasted them to cardstock – but you can also go ahead and print them directly on nice paper. This download has two pages – the first page is all grey scale and the second page is a color option!

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