30 Day Cleanse Challenge with doTERRA

Need to clean things up a bit? Try starting with this easy 30 Day Cleanse!

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Cleanse & Restore with a 30 Day Cleanse

We all know the basics when it comes to better health. We know that we need to be watching what we eat  – favoring the vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and proteins. It’s a no-brainer that fast food isn’t the fast track to better health. After diet, we know that exercise is imperative to a healthy lifestyle. You can’t sit on the couch all day and expect to feel stellar. Over the years, we’ve also learned what sort of impact that good sleep and stress management have on our systems. But did you know that reducing our toxin load is important too?

If I asked anyone on the street how to eat healthier – they’d have an answer.

If I asked how to exercise – they’d have suggestions.

How to get more rest and to manage stress – they’d give a solution.

Reducing Toxic load?


How do you do that? Maybe you’d try an annoying juice cleanse, eat a ghastly amount of undigestable fiber, or fast. Those don’t sound fun or realistic to me. We aren’t talking about a one time cleanse. You need to cleanse your body of toxins every few months! You need a realistic, easy solution to detoxing.

DoTERRA has made cleansing easy and gentle. They’ve created a system using the Cleanse & Restore Kit to bring balance back to the body.

I’ve created a 30 Day Cleanse Challenge for you. I’ll send you a welcome email and instructions on how to complete the 30 day challenge using your kit. And then, I’ll send you emails throughout the month for encouragement, education, and updated schedules.

THIS is do-able. Take Charge of your own health. Be Empowered.

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