doTERRA Convention 2018 – Dates, Location, and More

Let’s talk doTERRA’s Convention 2018!!

I’ve been to Convention a few times now and I want to help YŌU know what to expect and how to plan!

doTERRA Convention 2018

Dates and Location:

Salt Lake City, September 19-22, 2018

Hotel Rooms

You’ll be able to claim a room from the doTERRA Room Block. Go to the convention website and search under Travel.

The Room Block sells out very quickly. Don’t be discouraged though if you can’t get a room with the room block, there are 17,000 hotel rooms located throughout downtown Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas.

My husband and I actually choose to rent a car and stay about 20-30 minutes away to save a few bucks. It’s all personal preference. Talk with your up and downlines and potential roommates about where they want to stay.

Also consider renting a house for you and your team! Have you tried Airbnb yet? It’s pretty great. We’ve used it a few times and loves it. Great prices and we get a house instead of a hotel. It’s seriously worth checking out!

Detail about the rooms, airport, transportation, and more.

Dress Code at Convention

You’ll see a wide variety of outfits! So dress in anyway that makes yōu comfortable. Salt Lake can be a wee bit chilly in September if you are from a primarily warm climate. Check the week before to see what kind of weather to expect – last year it was pretty warm.

You’ll probably hear from people to “dress like the rank you want to be.” That can mean something different for everyone. I personally wear jeans with a blouse and a sports coat. My husband wears Jeans or khakis with a button up. We are generally some of the more dressed up at the event.

Here’s what doTERRA wrote about the dress code at convention.

Dress Code at Gala

Gala is a Black Tie event in honor of all of doTERRA’s new qualifying diamonds! It’s a fun and fancy evening! You’ll see many fun looks that range from cocktail dresses to full length gowns. I like to save a few bucks and use Rent the Runway  for my dress. You pick out the dress you want, they ship it to your hotel (with a back up size), you wear it to Gala, and then ship it back. It’s super easy and you get to wear a stunning gown every year to the party. This link gets you $30 off your first rental (which covers half of a lot of the rentals actually!!).

What to Expect

Expect to get fired up. I absolutely love attending corporate events. You’ll really get to see and feel the heart of the company. Our founders are amazing individuals and I know you’ll be impressed with every one of them.

Please throw any questions you have in the comments and I’ll add the answers to this post! This post will evolve as we get closer to Convention! I hope to see you all there!

If you want more tips and tricks, check out my post with Tips for Attending doTERRA Convention.


Did you know that if you make a leadership rank during the qualification period you get to Walk across the stage during recognition?? It’s pretty awesome!! DoTERRA is great at recognizing your hard work and the company’s newest leaders. And there’s more perks than just the walk across the stage…

  • Registration: Those that are Silver and above (November-July 31st is the Qualification period) get VIP registration. This means that you have a much smaller line to wait in.
  • Early Entry: Anyone recognized as being Silver+ gets to have early access to the venues.
  • Qualifying Diamonds+ have reserved seating!
  • GALA: NEW Diamonds that qualify are recognized onstage during the Gala. It’s an amazing black tie event.
  • Store: Silver+ don’t have to wait in the long line at the Swag store! You get access to the VIP line.

Incentive enough to make Silver+ by July 31st?

Map of the Area

Salt Lake City

More Questions?

Call doTERRA Member services!

Phone: 1-800-411-8151


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I’m giving this information as a helpful guide. Information is subject to change. Always check with doTERRA or your upline for possible changes.

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  1. One of the things I like about the location for convention is the easy access to the TRAX line from the downtown hotels. It is free within the downtown area and you just hop on and hop off right in front of the convention center or Vivent arena.

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