*NEW* Empowerment Bonus for doTERRA Premiers and Silvers

doTERRA Empowerment Bonus

I love this company. They see a need so they give and fill the need. In an unprecedented move, dōTERRA corporate is giving up 1% of their profits and giving it to their hard-working Wellness Advocates in the form of the doTERRA Empowerment Bonus.

doTERRA Recognized a Need

Premiers and Silver are a hard-working group. They work some of the longest hours in the business but doTERRA didn’t think they were be compensated enough. In 2016, Premiers made an average of $797 a month and Silvers made an average of $2,165 a month.

doTERRA Filled the Need with the Empowerment Bonus

They asked, Ok, what if we split up the 1% in a pool for Premiers and Silvers? What would that bonus look like? It came out to about a $128 bonus. Hmm…not bad. But can it be better?

Then they asked, what if we gave it to Premiers and Silvers that also made a 100pv enrollment that month? What would that bonus look like? Those numbers were exciting…


Whoa. Okay, that number can really make a difference in someone’s home. Plus Silvers STILL get a share of the Leadership Pool (it averages at about $150 each month).

Now calm down, that’s what the numbers would look like RIGHT NOW. It’s anticipated that once this bonus is rolled out, that more people will be pushing for Premier and Silver and that number will drop. It’s expected that the bonus will even out somewhere around:


Still a nice bonus, though, right? I definitely think so!

I want to make this very clear, this bonus will be slightly different every single month. The $190 is not a hard number. You will get one share of the 1% and that will change month to month. These are just estimates.

doterra empowerment bonus premier silver

So who’s excited for these bonuses? Are you going to be pushing hard to hit Premier and Silver now? What could an extra $200ish do for your home? Could you child now go to the preschool you want? Or join the baseball team?

I love that I get to work with a company that is so giving.

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  1. I’m so excited and I’m so close this month. I will continue to push. I have more classes scheduled and I’m a fighter. Happy at life…

  2. Excited!!! I just hit Premier in November due to all the BOGOs and my team’s awesome work! I am hoping to walk Silver at convention next year. 😀 At first, 3 years ago, I never imagined even hitting Premier. But now my goal is definitely Diamond!! 😉

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