doTERRA Essential Oil Purse

Here’s a GREAT doTERRA Essential Oil Purse for you.

doTERRA Essential Oil Purse

This item is categorized as a Limited Time Offer! Eek! So if you like this, you need to pounce. This bag is amazing guys. It has  16 built-in pockets for 5mL, 10 mL, or 15 mL essential oil bottles and its Vegan friendly leather!

Look at all this SPACE! This bag is the best for taking to your college classes, to your professional job, to interviews, and on the road! This thing is super sharp.

IMG 9778

The best thing of all though is the price. It’s just $70. That’s it…for a super nice large purse that’s specifically designed to store your essential oils! IMG 9779

This purse is the perfect gift for many people in your life:

  • Beginning of the year or end of the year Teacher Gift
  • Grandparent’s day gift
  • Mother’s Day gift
    • Speaking of Mother’s Day, that special Trio with Kumquat, Red Madarin, and Sunny Citrus are still available under Limited Time Offers as well! YAS! Get the trio AND the purse and you’ll be your mom’s favorite child, I’m sure! Ha!
  • Christmas Gift
  • Graduation Gift
    • If your student is graduating High School, send them off this a gorgeous professional purse plus an all-natural first aid kit in the form of essential oils. I love the doTERRA Touch kit for college students – they are so easy to use. But there are a lot of starter kit options.
  • Rank up/Promotion Gift
    • Are you already a doTERRA Leader? Give this gift to your new Silvers or Golds!
  • You could probably even use it as a diaper bag! It’s big enough!!

IMG 9780

So who all is getting this amazing purse??

If you are interested in this purse check out my Shop page. If you are interested in essential oils, I can help you get 25% off retail prices!

5 Responses

  1. Wondering how so can order one of your EO Purses. I can’t seem to find where to order it, price etc.
    I am a Doterra Wellness Advocate.

    1. Do only your clients get the chance to order the EO Purse. Because I am already an wellness advocate & have the LRP.
      I’m not too sure where you are telling me to Login into to find where to order a EO Purse.

      1. All Wellness Advocates can buy this purse. Log into your normal doTERRA account, Click shop, Click Special Offers and then Limited Time Offers. The purse is listed for $70 wholesale/0 pv.

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