doTERRA Kumquat Essential Oil – Benefits & Uses

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doTERRA Kumquat Essential Oil

Indigenous to Asia, the Kumquat fruit is the size of a large
olive and can be eaten whole with the peel. The peel has
been described as being sweet, and the flesh sour. The
peel produces a versatile essential oil known to have
cleansing properties as well as aromatic benefits. Also
known as Citrus japonica, kumquat is filled with limonene—
the same main chemical component as Lemon, Lime, Wild
Orange, and other citrus essential oils. Because of this,
they share many of the same features and benefits, and
can often be used interchangeably. The aroma of Kumquat
is well-suited to uplift mood, invigorate the mind, and help
provide a new perspective when tackling daily challenges.

Key Benefits:

  • It may support a healthy immune system
  • May support digestive health
  • Promotes a healthy metabolism
  • Uplifting for the mood and energy levels
  • May help support healthy cardiovascular, digestive,
    immune, metabolic, and nervous system health*
  • Can be used as a surface cleaner as well as an
    aromatic, topical, and internal cleanser*


  • Add one to two drops to a homemade surface cleanser
    for added cleansing properties.
  • Add a drop to a glass of water and drink to support your digestive system
  • Put a few drops of the Kumquat Essential Oil into a veggie cap and take to before meals as part of your healthy weight management routine
  • Diffuse or wear on your wrist, temples, and the back of your neck to uplift your mood
  •  Add one drop to your facial cleanser, shampoo, or
    toothpaste for added cleansing properties.
  • Combine in a diffuser with Lemon, Lime, Wild Orange, or
    Bergamot for a refreshing citrus aroma.
  • Diffuse to cleanse the air and energize mood.

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