doTERRA Placements Video

doTERRA Placements Video

Making placements on your doTERRA team shouldn’t be so difficult! Learn the very basics about structuring your team in this short 15 minute video. Most classes for placements run 45 minutes +. Check out the three main things that you need to consider when making a placement in your doTERRA organization – here’s my doTERRA Placements Video.

Three Things to Consider when Making doTERRA Placements

Power of Three Bonus

The power of three bonus is a structuring bonus. It helps to guide us in creating a power of three – like organization. Shoot for three-four people on your frontline that run 100 pv LRPs. It’s best if these people are your builders. After you’ve earned your power of three $50 bonus, teach your people how to earn their power of three $50 bonus and help them achieve it. Soon you’ll be on your way to earning your own $250 bonus! Learn more about the compensation plan here.

Unilevel Commissions

You also definitely need to be considering Unilevel commissions. We get paid on levels 1-7 so don’t place beyond the 7th level! Try to place users further down in your team so that you earn a high % of their orders. Try to place sharers and builders closer to you so that you lose out on less commission from your builder’s team. Watch the video for more detail and explanation.


We should always keep rank in mind. You don’t want your entire team on your first line. Build for Premier and Elite because they are the building blocks of all the higher ranks.

If you liked this, be sure to check out my Placements Post with a link to the presentation I used in this video class. You can use this presentation to teach your own teams or just send them a link to this page!

Would you like to sign up and join my Essential Oil team? Message me and I’ll love to help get you started on your doTERRA Journey.

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