doTERRA Reactivation Promo December 2016

Merry Christmas!!! It’s the month of giving and doTERRA has really delivered. Ho Ho Ho! Santa has arrived because they are giving so much and it’s really exciting. Let’s break it down and celebrate with me!

December Promotions

1. 10% off Spearmint

Yay! We love using this oil in our home. It’s a good oil – it does a lot of things similar to peppermint. It smells just like you probably think it does – yummy 🙂 You can add a drop to your toothbrush for fresh breath or add a drop to recipes or diffuse! Check out my Shop Page for ordering instructions!

2. 200pv Frankincense Promo

The classic. The Frankincense Promo. Every year doTERRA has a Frankincense promo in December. It’s perfect during Christmas time to stock up on your Frankincense and to think on the Christmas story and how the wise men brought Frankincense and Myrrh to the Christ-child. I always thought (and was told) that Frankincense and Myrrh were just perfumes – wow, no, they are SO much more than that. They bring so much comfort, health, and healing to our homes.

You can get Frankincense this month for FREE if you place a 200pv (usually equal to $ – check in your cart). That’s a $98 retail bottle of Frankincense for FREE! Great deal, guys!

If you want multiple free bottles of Frank run multiple SEPARATE orders worth 200pv each – Easy as that! You can earn as many as 4 for free!

Check out my Shop Page for ordering instructions!

3. Product of the Month – Holiday Joy and Ornament

Every month doTERRA gives away an oil! You just place a 125pv Loyalty Rewards Order by the 15th of the month and they add in a Free bottle of oil. This month the Free oil is Holiday Joy plus an ornament! Holiday Joy is a great healthy alternative to candles during the holiday season. It smells like Christmas – its a blend of oils like Wild Orange, Cassia, Clove, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg. It smells divine. Don’t wait because this is the ONLY time of the year that it’s available! Check out my Shop Page for ordering instructions!

doTERRA Membership Reactivation Promo

THIS is a big deal. I’ve been with doTERRA for a few years now and I’ve never seen them give so much away! Do not miss this.

If you have not ordered since July, order this month. You could *potentially* earn $179 in free oils. Yup…$179. WHOA!

You are eligible if you have not ordered in August, September, October, or November.

1. Free OnGuard

Order 100 PV in a standard order in December (must CALL in this order) and get a FREE OnGuard!!! Order 200pv and get the OnGuard and the Frankincense!! This is if you have made ZERO orders in August, Sept, Oct, or Nov.

2. Free Breathe

If you have ordered in one of the last four months BUT all of those were standard orders, you still luck out. If you order 100 PV LRP then you are eligible for a Free Breathe!! Order 125PV LRP by the 15th and also get the Holiday Joy! Order 200 pv and get the Holiday Joy, Breathe AND the Frankincense!

or 3. Free OnGuard AND Breathe

Order 100pv Loyalty Rewards Order and get a free Breathe AND OnGuard! Up the order to 125 and also get the Holiday Joy. Up it to 200 and ALSO get the Frankincense! This order also has to be called in!

Also note that doTERRA is giving away 200 Points to someone under each diamond! Reactivate people to possibly win!

Would you like to try some of these Essential Oils? Check out my SHOP page – I can get you the highest quality essential oils for you at a 25% off wholesale price. 

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