Essential Oil Subscription Box

Yes, your dreams have come true. We have an Essential Oil Subscription Box just for you!

Get the Best Prices and be Rewarded with this Essential Oil Subscription Box

So this monthly subscription box is the BEST way to get your essential oils. You #1 get your oils at a wholesale price (that’s 25% below retail) and then #2 you get REWARDED with points to use towards free oils for being a part of this program.

>>>ALL Essential Oils and Health Products are 25% off retail.

Helllllooo savings. This is a benefits for ALL members.

>>>You get 10-30% back on all of your boxes in points.

And those points are usually close to equal to $$ amount. So a $10 oil usually costs 10 points! In your first 3 months with the boxes, you get 10% back (as long as your order is at least 50 pv). Months 4-6 you get 15% back. Months 7-9 you get 20% back. Months 10-12 you get 25% back. And all months beyond that you get 30% back!!

That means that every time I get a 100pv monthly subscription box I get 30 points added to my account for future purchases!

>>>It’s 100% customizable.

YOU choose the date it runs.

YOU choose what goes in your box.

YOU choose to cancel ANYTIME up until midnight the night before it runs.

>>>Opportunities for FREE oils.

Being a part of this monthly essential oil subscription box you get special promos! So every month we have a FREE Product of the Month. If you get a 125pv box by the 15th of the month, you get a free essential oil! These free oils change every month and it’s a great way to expand your essential oil stash.

PLUS, there are sometimes special deals like FREE items with larger orders.

>>>EXTRA discounts on supplements and some kits.

We pull out all the stops for members of our monthly subscription box. You can stack supplement for extra deals – add an Life Long Vitality (multivitamin pack) kit to your cart and then edit the kit. You can add additional supplements for a huge discount. Or get our special Loyalty Rewards Orders kits for extra discounts.

High Quality, Pure, and Potent Essential Oils

This program isn’t run by Walmart or some random health food store. This program is by the largest essential oil company in the world.

DoTERRA has the highest quality essential oils on the market and they source them sustainably and responsibly with respect for every party involved.

Certified Pure Tested Grade Essential Oils

You are right^ that is made up. Not even going to lie about it. There’s no regulation on the market to make sure that that “100% pure” label on your oils are real. They can be totally fake, adulterated, sourced poorly, and the farmers treated unfairly.

DoTERRA saw that their wasn’t any regulation on the market and created a standard for themselves called the Certified Pure Tested Grade standard (or CPTG). It’s the highest standard on the market. And they hold themselves to it through a site called Source to You. They do something that no other essential oil company does. They third party test every single batch of essential oil multiple times and they PUBLISH those quality tests online for all the world to see. This is a company of true integrity.

You can learn the details about the CPTG Standard here.

Co-Impact Sourcing

DoTERRA does thinks differently. They source their oils from many small farmers all over the world – many times from farmers whose families have worked these farms for generations. They come in, make long term exclusive contracts with these farmers, treat them right, help create sustainability practices, and pay these farmers ON TIME and FAIRLY. Most of the market gets their essential oils through brokers that do not pay the farmers fairly and do not require sustainable and honest practices. DoTERRA calls this model of sourcing “co-impact sourcing.”

Healing Hands Foundation
DoTERRA also brings in their Healing Hands Foundation – a charity that helps to lift up the communities from which we source our essential oils. Each community wants something different and doTERRA provides it – wells for fresh water, new schools, medical clinics, and supporting organizations that prevent, rescue, and rehabilitate children from sex trafficking. etc etc. I did a Facebook live about the expansive programs that the Healing Hands program did in the year 2018 – you can see that video HERE. Be prepared. I skimmed over the many projects and the live is 15 minutes long!

The Loyalty Rewards Program

This essential oil subscription box is called the Loyalty Rewards Program. It’s a way to reward YOU for ordering each month.

The MINIMUM to stay a part of the program? 1pv each month….yup…just 1 pv!!

You can read all the details about the program HERE.

How to Get Started

DoTERRA only let’s their wholesale members have access to their essential oil subscription box. But good news, it’s very easy to get this Costco-like membership.

There are two routes to signing up:

  1. Sign up with a $35 fee to get your account started. (subsequent years are $25 and they gift you a free $20 Peppermint for re-upping)
  2. Get a Starter kit from doTERRA and have that $35 fee waived. You can see some of the most popular kits on my Shop Page.

After you become a member, you get access to this awesome subscription program called LRP. After you sign up look out for an email from me…I’ll send you a Welcome email with a link to my exclusive Facebook group and everything. I’ll be your personal coach to help you get started.

If you are already a member…

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Choose to “Create a New LRP Order” (this is setting up your monthly subscription box)
  3. Follow the prompts, choose the date you want to have the order run.
  4. Add Products to your cart.
  5. Save the cart.
  6. Choose to have the order run on the date you chose or have it “Process Now” instead.

For details about how the program works and when your points will be added and how to redeem those points, check out my Loyalty Rewards Post.

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