Essential Oil Testimonials


I started out simply diffusing my oils, but thanks to Kaitlyn and her informational videos, I am learning so many different ways to use them! Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge with all of us Kaitlyn!

A Grateful Oil Tribe Member

Tiffany B.

Kaitlyn S. She is very responsive and knowledgeable with all questions in the essential oils I’ve had. She is the guru of oils!!

Angie J.

Kaitlyn S. has been super amazing during this time of transition to a cleaner/healthier lifestyle for me and my family. She is my “go-to” for all things doTERRA and answers all my questions quickly and completely. I would recommend her for anyone wanting to get into a healthier/cleaner lifestyle. Thanks Kaitlyn for al your help and knowledge.

Tanya K.

Kaitlyn is my Mommy Guru! She is the first person I go to when I have questions about essential oils with babies and kiddos.

Jessica C.

Kaitlyn is so knowledgeable about doTERRA oils. She provides in-depth information to her Oil Tribe team so that we understand what the oils can do to improve our daily lives. I appreciate the way she leads her team and encourages us to be the best and healthiest we can be.

Heather M.

Kaitlyn took the time to learn about some health issues I was having and researched different oils that would help me to diffuse. It meant a lot that I had someone who gave me personal one on one care and quality service when it came to my purchase with doTERRA.

Kasey W.

I have come across oils and Kaitlyn by accident, looking for a healthy, more natural vitamins for kids! Little did I know how much my lifestyle would change with DoTERRA – it’s empowering to have the natural and healthy options for self and family care. I love the transparency of the entire process from sourcing to the bottled oils/products and the science behind it. I could have not found a more supportive person for this journey to a healthy lifestyle! Kaitlyn has been there for me with resources, knowledge, and for all my questions I have had along the way.

Dagmara E.

I love how she always respond quickly to my questions.  Kate has also helped me learn how I can use various oils.

Barbara R.
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