How To Be An Essential Oil Expert

Know where to find the answer

Read Books!

When I have an essential oil need, I grab one of usually two books. I grab this Emotions and Essential Oils book or my Essential Oil guide book sold by Total Wellness Publishing on Amazon. I look up my need and use the oil suggested. There’s even apps out there if you prefer to have all the information you need on your phone.

Yes, it’s really that simple!!

Essential Oils are very easy to use.
Essential Oil + carrier oil (like coconut oil) = wellness

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with all the science and the details. I love reading studies on Pubmed. But having a scientific background is definitely NOT necessary to use oils in your home.

You just need to be a mom, wife, dad, grandmother, human to use essential oils.

My Favorite Essential Oil and Wellness Reference Books

This book helps you to understand the effect essential oils have on your emotions. Each essential oil is listed with it’s emotional benefits.
This is the number one book that you need as a beginner with essential oils. If you get one book, it should be this one. It includes everything from listing benefits per essential oil, to finding answers to what ails you, to recipes, DIY projects, by body system, and much much more.
These are excellent books by an essential oil and yoga guru. She’s bridged the gap between yoga and your essential oils! And she teaches you how to use them for releasing those negative emotions in your body.

This is another great essential oil usage guide. You can search what ails you and find a potential solution within these pages! Great guide!

Excellent book – especially for the ladies! Bring balance to your body using essential oils and Maria teaches you how.
This is for the person ready to ditch the toxic cleaners and go full DIY! This book is chock full of the best natural cleaning recipes.
A MUST for every pregnant mom! This midwife and author uses essential oils in her practice and she shares her expertise with you about safety and usage in this book.
I love this book because it lists every single essential oil used in the Bible. Essential oils are NOT new! Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years and are written about in our holiest of books. This book gives the biblical references, the history, the benefits, uses, precautions, substitutes, and oils to blend with. It’s a great book for those wanting to learn more about the biblical history of these essential oils.
Of course this is my favorite as it was written by me. I wanted to put together a resources to help guide you from newbie essential oil user to expert. This guide is free and it takes you step by step detoxifying your home and replacing your toxic cleaners and candles and more with healthier alternative. One step at a time.
This is not an essential oil guide. But it’s my very favorite Pregnancy guide for natural-minded moms. It goes week by week giving natural mom advice – and sometimes that includes essential oils!

Use Your Essential Oils

Nothing teaches quite like experience! Just rub those oils on and getting to trying them. The more you use your essential oils, the quicker and more confident you’ll become in the entire process! It’ll no longer be your habit to go to the medicine cabinet, but it’ll be your habit to go to your essential oil box.
You learn more with every drop of oil.

Classes & Seminars

Seek out classes local to your area, online, or from your doTERRA upline (aka the person that got you started)! Attend! Ask questions! You’ll learn a lot from other essential oil users.

Follow doTERRA and Oil Coaches

Who better to learn from than doTERRA and Wellness Advocates that spend all their time learning about essential oils and using essential oils?

Follow these people on social media! They’ll teach classes, post videos, give oil tips, and more! It’s all free value!


  • doTERRA Essential Oils
  • doTERRA Business
  • Aromatic Plant Research Center (The Third Party company that purity tests for doTERRA)
  • Kate Sosebee – Oils by Mom



Find Your Tribe

Do You have an Essential Oil Family yet? If not, I’d love to invite you to join my little essential oil tribe. We are a group of mamas, grandmas, aunts, and uncles. We all love the oils and are just trying to support our babies from home. A few of us even make this our full-time job!

If you join as a doTERRA wholesale member on my team, look forward to an email from me with a link to our closed group. We’d love to have you!


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  1. Hi Kate! I do buy and use doTerra oils and products. ❤️❤️❤️I would really LOVE to buy the Emoticons and Essential Oils book. How can I get it ? Thanks 😎

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