How To Get A Half Million Monthly Pinterest Views

How To Get A Half Million Monthly Pinterest Views

I just started taking Pinterest seriously a few months ago. Before that, I just had a few random boards, a dozen followers, and hardly any views. I would jump on Pinterest whenever I got a spare moment and randomly pin a few extra items to boards.


I was wasting my time and it wasn’t getting me anywhere.

Bloggers Need to Take Pinterest Seriously

If you are an aspiring blogger you need to up your Pinterest game. Merely pinning each of your blog articles is NOT enough – that’s bare minimum.

There are three main places that people look when they need to find something: Google, Pinterest, and YouTube. For Google, you need to work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) game. For YouTube, you could start a channel. And for Pinterest, you pin all day long, at strategic times based on your audience.

I went from basically zero blog views from Pinterest to over 20k blog views monthly from Pinterest in just a few months. And that number grows each month. It’s a big deal.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

How to Succeed with Pinterest

  • Pin items relevant to your customer base
    • My main audience is moms. So I have boards like Mom Life, Preschool Homeschool, Pregnancy, Natural Life boards, Cleaning Boards, Mom Boss boards, plus a few seasonal and recipes boards.
    • You won’t see me re-pin items for Soccer fanatics or How to Repair your Car, etc. Those don’t apply to my customer base.
    • These pins do NOT need to be all your content. It’s important that you re-pin other people’s content.
  • You need to pin a minimum of 25-35 pins a day.
  • Pin at peak customer base times.
    • Don’t just pin all at one time each day. Spread them out throughout the day focusing mostly on when your customer is online.

It’s as easy at that. Stick to those three basic rules and you’ll get your over half million monthly views in no time.

Buuuuuut, you ask me, how do I do this without going crazy??

It’s a valid question.


Yup, I’m going to recommend a Pinterest scheduler. And I’m recommending it because IT WORKS.

I pay a small monthly fee and Tailwind schedules pins for me.

How it works:

  1. Sign up with Tailwind (the first 100 pins are free).
  2. Go to Pinterest and find pins. Instead of pinning them, add those pins to a queue.
  3. Add a ton to your queue.
  4. Go over to Tailwind and shuffle your queue (that way you don’t post from the same category right after each other. It’s a good mix up.)
  5. Tailwind will analyze your viewers and pin those pins for you at the best times. I set my Tailwind so that it pins at least 25 pins a day.
  6. Watch your Pinterest views rise!

It’s that easy. I go on Pinterest once a week or every other week and I pin a week or two worth of pins at a time. It’s made Pinterest so easy!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


A perk of using Tailwind is their Tribe feature. You can join Tribes with different topics like Homeschooling, Recipes, Crafts, etc. This is a great way to get YOUR blog pins a jump start. After you publish a post, add your post to a relevant tribe.

These tribes are similar to Pinterest Group Boards. Most groups require vertical images. Most also have a share one, pin one rule >> check with each Tribe for their rules.

Go try it! Let me know how it goes for you. I’d love to hear your feedback! Tailwind has been so amazing for me. It’s better for time management and it works so much better than randomly pinning a ton of stuff.

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