Kitchen Cleaner Makeover with Essential Oils

Are you tired of wiping you counters clean with a gross sponge or cloth? You know you are really just spreading the germs…

Do you get a headache every time you spray your counters with a toxin-filled cleaning product?

Does it freak you out that you spray your child’s highchair tray with a toxin-filled spray and then have them EAT off that surface? Yikes!

Let’s change that…

It’s easy. It seems like having a clean environment and it smell good and still be safe for you littles ones – its supposed to be hard, right?


Okay then, you wonder, what’s the catch? I bet it’s the cost…


You can make these products for just mere pennies. Each drop of essential oil only cost about 8-10 cents!!! WHAT?? And you only need a few drops to make a whole bottle of cleaner!! Yup…this optional is safer and cheaper than the dollar store. And it’s just as effective.

Price Per Drop of Essential Oil List

I’ve made a few different posts about homemade cleaners I’ve made and used. I’ll compile them all here for you.

Do you need a great quality essential oil? Check out my SHOP page – I can get you the highest quality essential oils for you at a 25% off retail price.

Check it out!

Makeover Your Kitchen Naturally

What other natural DIY recipe would you like me to try and post about?

Also check out my Laundry Room Makover series!!

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