Makeover Your Laundry Room Naturally

Ugh. Laundry.  I hate laundry. By the time I’ve caught up on laundry, I have more clothes to wash. And the problem is double for military spouse – ask any military spouse – my husbands side of the closet is bigger than mine. Depending on the day, he might wear PT (physical training – See my Military Acronym Post) uniforms in the morning, flight suit all day, casual clothes after he gets home, and Pajamas to bed. Me? Yea, I feel accomplished if I get out of my Pajamas at some point in the day. Ha…it’s 1:30 pm while I write this and I’m in my PJs. But I guess that’s a perk of working from home! Anywho, I personally may not add to the laundry madness but every other member of the family does. I have a potty training two year old and a messy one year old. It’s never ending.

Laundry Detergent

I don’t like much about the whole laundry process.  But at least I can say that I love my laundry detergent. I use doTERRA’s OnGuard Laundry Detergent. It’s color-safe and free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, and toxins. This is the laundry detergent for anyone with sensitive skin. My daughter has oober sensitive skin so we try to eliminate as many toxins as we can – especially when we clean cloth diapers. This OnGuard Laundry Detergent gets the job done. It’s super concentrated and cleans 64 loads plus it’s infused with doTERRA’s OnGuard essential oil blend!

Would you like to try some of these Essential Oils? Check out my SHOP page – I can get you the highest quality essential oils for you at a 25% off wholesale price. 

Fabric Softener

Make your own Fabric Softener with Epsom Salt and some of your favorite essential oils! Direction can be found Here.

DIY Dryer Sheets

Make your own Dryer Sheets. It’s almost TOO easy, cheap, and completely non-toxic. It just takes some vinegar, scrap fabric, and an essential oil. Check out my easy-to-follow instructions Here.

Dryer Balls

If you opt not to make your own dryer sheets, get some dryer balls and add some of your favorite essential oils! Right now doTERRA has dryer balls for sale as part of the Holiday Gift special. So check that first because it’s the best great deal. But if the deal is over by the time you see this, you can get Wool Dryer Ballsir?t=pripilswif 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00GA9P5P0 from Amazon and the Essential Oils from me.

DIY Bleach

This is a color-safe bleach. It uses Hydrogen Peroxide, Citric Acid, water, and Essential Oils. Check out my recipe here.

Extra Laundry Tips

  • Mix Lemon Essential Oil with some water in a spray bottle and use to pre-treat stains
  • Add Wild Orange or Citrus Bliss to the rinse cycle when you wash towels or athletic wear. It’s uplifting!
  • Add Lavender or Serenity to the rinse cycle when you wash your sheets.
  • Add Melaleuca to the wash when you have an extra dirty load for it’s super cleansing powers
  • Try sun bleaching! Hang your white clothes to dry out in the sun. The sun does a great job making white clothes brighter!

Would you like to try some of these Essential Oils? Check out my SHOP page – I can get you the highest quality essential oils for you at a 25% off wholesale price. 

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