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Don’t waste any money buying Bath Salts! Here’s a Bath Salts Recipe for you! Make your own!! It’s so easy and incredibly affordable. Have you seen the price of essential oils per drop? It’s just pennies. I’ll show you how to make Lavender Bath Salts but it’s the same basic recipe for any type of Bath Salts. You can make it exactly the way you like it with your favorite CPTG essential oils.

Note: Do not just buy essential oils off the shelf of your local health food store. There’s not good regulations in the essential oil industry and frankly, “100% essential oil” doesn’t mean that you are getting good or safe product. Make sure you research the company you are buying from and make the best choice for you. My family and I did research and chose doTERRA Essential Oils. Learn more about their Certified Pure Tested Grade standard.

Lavender Bath Salts Recipe


1 cup Epsom Salt

5-8 drops Lavender Essential Oil (or your favorite oil or mix of oils)


Mix all ingredients and store in a cute jar! Add to warm bath water and relax!

Other Essential Oil Options

  • Use Lavender for it’s calming and soothing effects
  • Use White Fir and Frankincense in your bath salts after a long day gardening or after a workout
  • Use Wild Orange and Frankincense for a soothing and uplifting bath
  • Try melaleuca and lavender for beautiful skin
  • Mix Grapefruit and Cypress for a slimming bath

Gift Ideas

  • Give your mom a personalized gift of bath salts for Mother’s Day or her birthday! It’s a useful gift, all-natural, and a gift of relaxation. Create a gift basket of a variety of essential oils, bath salts, a diffuser, chocolate, and wine. What mom wouldn’t LOVE that? I know I’d love it!
  • Make cute gifts for your child’s teacher! Teachers do NOT need another mug. They get countless gifts every year. They need consumable gifts. Consider gifting an unopened bag of epsom salts with a new bottle of Lavender essential oil! Write out the Bath Salts recipe for them and they can make their own very easily.
  • More gift ideas here!

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