Roses for Valentine’s Day
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I vote for a culture-wide Valentine’s day swap >>> Skip the dozen long-stem roses for Valentine’s Day….and get Rose essential oil instead.

I realize I’m going to sound greedy. It’s true that Rose essential oil is really a LOT more than just a dozen roses. (It’s actually closer to 200,000 rose petals!!)

But let’s think of the practicality.

How USEFUL are a dozen long-stem roses? They die in a week (more if you are lucky). They smell nice and they certainly feel special. But that’s sort of it.

I vote that you, the husband reading this, gets your wife a bottle of Rose essential oil instead.

PROS of Rose Essential Oil:

>>It’s actually WAY more Roses. Come on — 200,000 petals per 5 mL!

>>The oil lasts WAY longer than a week.

>>It can be used in massages. Add a drop or two to your bath water.

>>Apply topically with your favorite natural lotion or fractionated coconut oil. This is a GREAT option for keeping that skin looking young and clear.

but what about price

I hear you. You’re thinking, “okay, but what’s that gonna cost me?”

It’s a fair question and one I am PROUD to answer.

Long stem Roses cost anywhere from $50-$200 depending on the quality and where you get them.

Rose Touch (It comes conveniently prediluted in FCO in a 10mL roller bottle) is just $70 wholesale!! Eeek!!

Rose 5mL (not prediluted) is $275!

THAT’s a STEAL. Think about it. It uses WAY more petals and it a lot harder to process (you know, distillation and stuff).

Essential Oils are Potent

Essential oils are produced by plants in low amounts to serve a host of beneficial functions. Oils attract herbivores that help the plant reproduce; they also ward off unfriendly pests, fight off environmental threats, and even allow the plant to heal itself if physically injured. When looking at the plant as a whole, they are composed of a small amount of essential oil—on average, just 1–5 percent of a plant’s total composition. Acquiring even just one bottle of essential oil requires an incredibly large amount of plant material.

For example:

Essential Oils for Valentines Day

Approximately three pounds of lavender flowers are required to produce just 15mL of lavender essential oil.

It requires about 242,000 rose petals to distill approximately 5 mL of rose oil.

It requires 6,000 pounds of melissa plant to distill just a single pound of melissa essential oil. That equals around 63 pounds of melissa per 5mL bottle.

Nearly 3,000 lemons are needed to distill just over 2 pounds of lemon essential oil. This equals about 50 lemons per 15mL bottle.

When bottled for human use, essential oils are highly concentrated. For this reason, it is important to be aware that using essential oils is very different from using the whole plant material and only a small amount is necessary to induce a powerful benefit.

The Best Price

Note that all the prices I’ve mentioned are member prices. I’m assuming that most of you reading this are already members (or are married to one). So log into your wife’s account and order her some Rose. Psssstt…remember to change the email in the cart to YOUR email so that it stays a surprise. #protip

If you do NOT yet have a membership…don’t worry it’s easy to get started and the membership cost itself is paid for in the amount you save by paying wholesale price instead of retail price.

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