Siberian Fir Essential Oil – Benefits and Uses

I love my conifer essential oils. The trees just get me! Douglas Fir is one of my very favorite oils and now Siberian Fir is getting added to my favorites list. Growing up, we did a lot of camping. Camping and hiking and generally being outdoors was one of my favorites things in the world. The smell of conifers just brings me to a happy place with happy memories. These oils have a very special place in my heart. Let’s talk about the special uses and benefits of Siberian Fir Essential Oil.

Siberian Fir Essential Oil

The Siberian Fir tree is native to Canada and Russia. Siberian Fir is very similar in scent to White Fir – except there’s less of a citrus-like smell. It smells very fresh and woody, much like Douglas Fir essential oil. If you love Douglas Fir, you will absolutely love this oil.

Siberian Fir Essential Oil is steam distilled from the twigs and needles of the Siberian fir tree.

Siberian Fir versus White Fir

Let’s talk about which oil you should try using: White fir or Siberian fir. DoTERRA announced that they will no longer be selling White Fir essential oil – that we’ve made a switch to Siberian Fir. Getting the amount of White Fir we needed, it was no longer responsible for the company to source White Fir on a large scale. I’m proud to work with a company that cares about long-term sustainability. They’ve switched to a much more sustainable Siberian Fir.

Let’s talk about the implications of this switch and what you can choose to do about it. You might even use White fir daily and are now concerned that Siberian will not be a sufficient replacement.

Fear Not.

Let’s compare the chemistry of these two oils side by side.

As you can see in this graphic, these two oils have similar chemical makeups. The main components of each oil are mostly similar. Siberian Fir, though, has a higher concentration of many of the constituents. The only one that doesn’t have the higher concentration is Limonene. But I would bet that most of you don’t use White Fir for it’s Limonene – if you wanted that, you’d grab a citrus oil.

So you can sort of think of Siberian Fir being a more concentrated version of White Fir! I think it’s a fantastic alternative! Plus, Siberian Fir can be taken internally – White Fir could not.

Purity and Sustainability

Make sure that when using essential oils you do your due diligence to get a pure oil. A label that says “100% pure” does not mean that you are getting the best or safest essential oil. The FDA doesn’t do a fantastic job of regulating the market so we, as consumers, need to be responsibly shoppers.

I choose doTERRA because I believe they have the highest standard of purity on the market – the Certified Pure Tested Grade standard. They also source sustainable oils and they source them responsibly. DoTERRA sources their oils through Co-Impact sourcing > it’s all about cutting out the middle man, making long-term, mutually beneficial contracts, and making sure farmers get fair wages. I like buying from responsible companies – not just companies trying to turn a quick buck.

Siberian Fir Physical Uses

  • Cleaning: Use this oil for it’s cleaning purposes! YES! The Chemical constituent a-Pinene in Firs is great for cleaning your surfaces and/or the air.
  • Discomfort: Apply to your joints or muscles after a long tiring day. Seriously, that Bornyl Acetate does some serious work to making you feel your best.
  • Soothe Skin: Apply to skin irritations with some coconut oil and help restore them to their original glory.
  • Cleanse: Add a drop to a veggie cap or add a drop to your tea for a gentle cleanse. It’ll kick start your digestion, kidneys, and metabolism.
  • Cellular Support: Take in a veggie cap as needed for cellular support.
  • BooBoos: Siberian Fir is a very versatile oil when it comes to “ouchies.” Consider adding it to any booboo blends you have – big or small.
  • Oil for both genders: Use to promote balance. Apply to your temples, wrists, and the back of your neck, and over your ovaries (women). Take a drop or two in a veggie cap when dealing with female monthly issues or through a transitional time.

Siberian Fir Emotional Uses

  • This is a beautiful oil to assist you through Grief and Loss.
  • Apply this oil to your temples when you experience feelings of regret about the past.
  • Diffuse daily or apply topically when transitioning to the next stage of your life. Be happy with your legacy, accept your choices (good and bad), and now enjoy your retirement.
  • Siberian Fir is an oil for those that are struggling with any large transition: big move, loss of a loved one, or a new job.
  • Use this oil to promote feelings of forgiveness, wisdom, optimistism, and comfort.

doTERRA Essential Oils

I recommend only one brand of essential oils. Please do not use these tips if you are going to go out and buy the cheapest brands that you can find. When it comes to essential oils, you get what you pay for. There’s hardly any regulation on the essential oil market so you have to do your due diligence when purchasing oils. After research, I fell on doTERRA. DoTERRA holds themself to the highest purity and safety standards on the market -plus they hold themselves to fair trade and sustainability practices. 

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