Addressing Skin Sensitivity to Essential Oils

Our Story

I’m going to tell you my daughter’s story of how we addressed her skin sensitivity to essential oils.

I’m not a scientist or a doctor – nor do I claim to be. I am sharing a story of healing in our family and I feel like it’s my responsibility to tell other people how we helped my daughter with her essential oil sensitivity.

So my daughter has not always been sensitive to essential oils. When she was just a few months essential oils were helping to support her digestive system extremely well. We used the oils on her at every diaper change and it made a world of difference. She had sensitive skin but she had no problems with the oils. Guys, we couldn’t even use seventh generation or other more natural wipes on her because she would break out after them all. We made our own baby wipes with essential oils. She never had problems with the oils.

Then when she was 12 months old, she broke out into hives unexpectedly. She had those hives for about two weeks. We had no idea what brought them on – allergies? toxins? Combination? We didn’t know what caused them. But after that, she couldn’t handle oils topically anymore. It was the strangest thing. She would break out (it looked like a rash) and it would stick around for a couple of weeks. We ended up only being able to put oils on her topically (of course, we ALWAYS dilute) on the bottoms of her feet. It was the only place that wouldn’t break out. We mostly just had the diffuser on for her and she could also handle them internally.

We dealt with these breakouts for 3 years having no idea why they happened.

And then I had a conversation with my Blue Diamond upline in doTERRA. She suggested that it might be a toxic overload. I honestly wasn’t all that accepting of that idea – we are a pretty clean, crunchy home and I didn’t think we dealt with that my toxins. But I trust this leader and decided to dig deeper.

My husband and I got Ancestry DNA testing done and I had a site crunch my information. I discovered that I have a double MTHFR genetic mutation. This means that I do not get rid of toxins as well as I should. And because I am a double MTHFR it means that I gave that gene to my kids – meaning all my kids are half MTHFR. They can’t get rid of toxins as well as they should be able to either. So even if I feel their exposure is minimal, it builds up overtime. It’s estimated that 30-50% of the population has an MTHFR genetic mutation.

I honestly didn’t know if this really had to do with my daughter’s skin sensitivity or not. But it was a lead and I decided to pursue it.

We started a regiment with my now four year old daughter.

A Clean Start Protocol

The first step was eliminating ALL toxins. Everything guys. NOTHING goes in or on my family’s bodies unless it is natural. Question everything guys. Research everything.

Now I’m not sure if one of these things was the ticket to healing in my daughter’s body or if it was everything combined. So I’m just going to share everything so you can make choices in your own home to lessen the burdens on your own body.

Diet and Clean Living

-Organic and Non GMO: We switched to all Organic and Non GMO foods. We do still eat out on occasion. We are by no means perfect. But if it’s IN our home, it’s organic.

-Keto Dinners: Again we are far from perfect, not all of our meals are keto. But we do try to make our main meal of the day, usually dinner, a keto meal.

-Soaked and Sprouted Grain: IF we consume any grains we try to have soaked or sprouted grains. We buy Ezekiel bread for making sandwiches at lunch. And if we eat pancakes or waffles for breakfast I make a giant quadruple batch ahead of time and let the grain soak overnight in the fridge. This makes it easier for our bodies to digest. The whole idea was to just lessen the burden on my body and my daughter’s body wherever we could.

-Time: I feel that it’s important that I mention time. There were three years between when the rashes started and when we started pursuing healing. That time may have been part of the healing process. We did see a huge improvement though in a very short time when we started treating her for toxic overload. It was probably only about two months to go from bad rashes to rarely a rash after we started a super clean lifestyle.

-We already only use natural cleaners, soaps, etc.

Vitamin and Oil Routines

-Daily Vitamins: A2z Chewable and PB Assist Junior

-Special Juice: IQ Mega and a couple drops of Wild Orange Essential Oil in a couple ounces of orange juice every morning.

-DDR Prime nightly: Every night before bed we would roll DDR Prime on the bottoms of her feet. We knew there must be damage and that the DDR Prime would help her at the cellular level. Once her skin started handling oils again, we moved to applying the DDR Prime to her spine and the base of her neck instead. Read my post “Why in the World do I need DDR Prime?”

Simple but Effective

I was SHOCKED guys. I didn’t feel like we did a lot. We just started getting serious about the daily vitamins, wild orange, and as healthy food as possible (plus, of course, no more exposure to crap). It only took a few months of this protocol for my daughter to start handling the oils again. We can now use any of the oils on her without her breaking out! It’s amazing!!!!

I don’t believe that the body was rejecting the essential oils. My theory is that the oils just detoxed her body at a rate that she couldn’t handle. So reducing the burdens, supporting the cleansing organs, supporting her at the cellular level, and slowly cleansing was better for her. And now, her body isn’t overly burdened so it can handle the oils topically again. This is just a theory, I’m not a doctor or a scientist. All I’ve seen is the healing and hope.

Unexpected Healing

addressing skin sensitivity to essential oils
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What I didn’t expect was the effect this mindset would have on my own health. As a teen my mouth and throat would itch and swell if I had raw fruits or veggies. This experience develops overtime – most people aren’t born with it. Basically if I reacted to an apple tree, I reacted to the apples. And this wasn’t fun. I went over ten years without raw fruits and vegetables.

But learning that I had MTHFR changed my world view.

My body can’t process toxins the way it’s supposed to. And I’m starting to believe that you can undevelop anything that you develop.

I watched a video by Healing in our Homes and she talks about MTHFR and Zendocrine Complex. This was one of the few products of doTERRA that I hadn’t tried yet. I decided that I’d give it a whirl.

Guys, SIX WEEKS after starting Zendocrine (and eating the new cleaner diet that we started with my daughter) I was able to start eating apples again!! I might cry writing this. Can you imagine going ten years without eating basic fruits and veggies and then suddenly after only 6 weeks on a supplement, you can eat them again???

The Zendocrine just helped my cleansing organs to function the way they were supposed to! I took the burden off my liver, lungs, skin, and kidneys. I wouldn’t even call it a “true” reaction. My body was just overloaded!! It was surprising because we lead a pretty clean life.

Final Thoughts

I don’t claim to understand how this worked for us or that this will work for you. I just feel compelled to share our story.

Clearly, you can see that essential oil sensitivity can be caused by toxic overload. I am not claiming that it’s the case for everyone. But its a possibility. Take it as a sign that maybe you should clean up your lifestyle as much as possible and be patient. Use the oils in ways that work for you – in ways that don’t cause the rashes. My daughter could handle taking them internally and on her feet.

We’ve seen massive healing in our family. You can experience that healing too.


I have to say this. If you are using an oil from any other company other than doTERRA, I cannot speak to the purity of your oils. If you don’t use doTERRA and you get rashes, it might be because it’s a crap oil. It’s something to consider. Make sure you use a company that publishes their third party testing (you can see doTERRA’s test results here) and a company that gets their oils responsibly. I like using doTERRA because of their cō-impact sourcing model (fair trade sourcing) and the work they do with the Healing Hands Foundation.

Would you like to try some of these Essential Oils? Check out my SHOP page – I can get you the highest quality essential oils for you at a 25% off retail price. 

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