Stop Spamming Your Facebook Friends

Stop Spamming Your Facebook Friends


Just STOP.

Stop spamming your friends on your personal Facebook timeline.

How Spamming Hurts Your Home Business

Ruins your Warm Market

Your warm market is the easiest set of people to sell to. These friends and family and co-workers want for you to succeed and they want to support you. Spamming might work in the beginning of your business but people quickly get tired of it.

People unfriend you or unfollow you

You guys, I am a network marketer and I seriously want all my mommy friends to have the same success I’ve enjoyed but even I unfollow my spammy friends. I’m writing this post for you, my friends.

People will end up getting tired of seeing sales pitch after sales pitch and will:

1. Unfriend you

2. Unfollow you so they don’t have to see your posts anymore

3. Not engage with your posts very much and Facebook sees them as unimportant to your friend and FB takes the initiative of hiding your posts.

Those are BAD things, right? The whole point of you spamming was to throw out pitches just in case someone is interested. Or just in case you get lucky.

Newsflash: Network Marketing is not a get rich scheme, it’s more like a get rich slow scheme and there’s a LOT of work in between steps A and Z. You will NOT succeed with your home business if all you do is spam your timeline.

SPAMMING will not get you your long term goals.

You Turn Away Potential Recruits

Nobody wants to join a business where they have to be “that lady” that spams all her friends. You just made your product look cheap and feel icky. Nobody wants to jump into that opportunity – no matter how good of an opportunity it is.

Are You Spamming? Here are some clues:

  1. You make posts about your product or opportunity on your personal timeline often. Even just once a week is often.
  2. People have begun to unfriend you.
  3. Your posts get low engagement OR your posts are losing engagement – you are being unfollowed or FB is hiding you.
  4. You get banned or put in Facebook Jail. Did you know that it’s actually against FB rules to spam your friends on your timeline?
  5. You find yourself saying things like “I know this is spammy, but I just love my products!” I’ve heard that this somehow makes it better?? No it doesn’t. It tells your friends that you know better and your choose not to listen to your own conscience.
  6. You are constantly asking people to tag friends. Not cool. You spam and now you also ask all your friends to spam their friends!

What To Do Instead of Spamming

Create a Facebook Business Page! And then invite your friend to follow your business page. I’ve never considered it spammy to have a friend post that they’ve started a business and to OPT INTO business posts to come LIKE their page.

Create a Facebook Group! Again, invite your friends to join in on the fun! This gives your friends more control over what of your posts they see. They want to see your family pictures so they don’t want to unfollow you personally. But if they just aren’t interested in your product, they can just leave the group or page and not hurt their friendship with you.

I actually have a whole post devoted to improving engagement on Facebook for groups and pages. Check it out if you need help growing your community.

Post pictures of you at your company events. Just promise me you won’t over do it. Treat it like family vacation pictures. Don’t throw in sales pitches. Just share it like the awesome trip that it is.

Post about a special deal. Listen to me though – I’m talking really special. Like once a year special.

Reach out to your cold market. Create a business Instagram or start a blog (top resources to keep it simple). Reach out and make friends with more people – that’s what networking it. It’s making good friends and legitimately caring about people.

Less is more. The more you spam on social media, the less people will listen. Post on your personal timeline sparingly so that when you DO speak, people want to listen.

Oops, I’ve Been Spammy! Have I Ruined My Business?

Nope. Just stop now! It’s never too late to have a fresh start.

If you’ve been particularly bad with spam you can even throw out an apology with a link to your business page. You know better now and so you’ll do better.

Personal Development

I probably sound like a broken record by this point to my own team. But personal development is the key to succeeding in network marketing. Read, learn, practice, get better. There’s a saying in network marketing that networking is just a compensation plan wrapped in personal development. Go read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It’s will revolutionize your business and you’ll thank me later – I promise.

I think it’s so important that I wrote a post with my favorite personal development books to start with. Check it out. I promise it’s worth your time.

What are you thoughts on this? Have you spammed your friends? What’s working for you to get better engagement on your FB page or group?

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  1. I keep trying to explain the fact that I did not subscribe to receive emails about their business. A person can get another individual into serious trouble for spamming if they wanted to be a real jerk.

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