Tag: Aromatherapy

Motivate Essential Oil Blend

Feeling doubtful or tired? Motivate essential oil blend is the perfect blend for you! It promotes courage and hence counters pessimism.

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Petitgrain Essential Oil

Petitgrain essential oil is perfect for everyday. Support your body’s most important systems while feeling like you’ve just put on your favorite perfume!

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Passion Essential Oil

Is life repetitive, boring, or Monotonous? Passion Essential Oil will bring that spark and wonder back into everyday life.

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Magnolia Essential Oil

Have you tried Magnolia essential oil yet? I have loved using magnolia because the sweet smell reminds me of fresh spring flowers. It’s my new

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Turmeric Essential Oil

Are you excited that there is such thing as turmeric essential oil? If not, you absolutely should be. There are many of you reading this

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