Should You Take a Supplement?
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Let’s talk supplements!

Many Americans take a daily supplement. About 1/3 of Millennials take a daily multivitamins and about 2/3 of those over 60 take a daily vitamin! But SHOULD you take a supplement?

Now diet, some of you will read this and say, that’s great but I eat a near perfect 👌🏻 diet. I don’t need supplementation. That’s all good and fine, but most of us aren’t getting all the vitamins and minerals we need – even when we are eating lots and lots of vegetables. Our soil is depleted. Our diets are less than perfect. And most of us have nutrient deficiencies.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as much as 95 percent of American adults do NOT meet recommended dietary allowances (RDA) for vitamins D and E, with approximately half of American adults also deficient in magnesium, vitamin A, calcium, and vitamin C.

Even more alarming, as a side effect of the contemporary Western diet rich in highly processed foods, omega-6/ omega-3 ratio is typically 16:1 (or more) while recommendations suggest, for optimum health, that we aim for closer to 1:1. The best solution is to change dietary behaviors, but that is often much easier said than done…

We need to supplement.

We need to suplement.

Choosing a Supplement

What kind of supplement should we get and how can we not be out $300/month for it? 😂😬 Because you can go to the store and pick up your vitamin alphabet soup, minerals, and greens….but it’s going to be ex-pen-sive to do it that way. Plus you’ll have to do all the work to figure out how much of each supplement you need and what type! 😳 Soooo many vitamins out there are synthetically created and are NOT bioavailable. Basically it just goes in one end and out the other – waste of $$.

You know where I’m going with this….let someone else do that work for you. DoTERRA has. They’ve created a completely bioavailable supplement for you. It has everything you need at the levels you need. They are loose packed to be even more bioavailable (any good vitamin will be quite a few pills – a full dose here is 12 capsules). Your body will look at this little bowl as food – think of it as food – food packed with vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and other fun stuff like kale, dandelion, and more.

Accepted for publication in the Journal of Dietary Supplements, a two-month clinical trial showed that those who supplement their normal diet with LLV may experience 💥💥💥significant improvements in several biomarkers of cardiovascular health, antioxidant status, [discomfort] levels, and [sugar] regulation. Measured via blood sample, participants in the LLV clinical trial showed improvements in LDL/ HDL ratio, fasting remedies, and triglycerides. Furthermore, they reported improved subjective measures of wellbeing, such as mental clarity, energy, motivation, and overall happiness.💥 💥 💥 (source)

All the vitamins in this add up to over $300/month in supplementation if you put this together yourself.

Yikes. Seriously.

But DoTERRA did it for you – a one month supply is $79.50 wholesale. (Plus you get 10-30% back in points to use towards free oils or more supplements). That’s a crazy deal.
Don’t be crazy and turn it down.

Take a supplement. Take a GOOD supplement.

Your health is worth it

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