Tips for Attending doTERRA Convention

Tips for Attending doTERRA Convention

Is this your first time attending the doTERRA Convention? I’m so excited for you! It’s an amazing weekend full of fun, health, friendships, learning, and – did I already say fun?? I’ve been to convention and other doTERRA events a few times now and thought I might share a few tips.

1. Put your phone on Airplane mode

This is so you can stay present during the main sessions! You can still take pictures but you won’t be getting calls or texts. This will save you precious battery power too! You’ll go through a lot if you are snapping pictures or taking notes all day. If you do plan to keep it on, consider bringing a portable battery pack or buying one available at the center for a $20 (the price it’s been in the past) donation to the Healing Hands Foundation).

2. Make a Lunch Plan

  • They do have lunch options at the arena. It’s actually not a terrible option. In the past, they’ve had special meals options for the doTERRA convention – not just the usual stadium foods. We had lunch at the arena last year and it was affordable and absolutely delicious.
  • There were food trucks last year but expect to wait in long lines.
  • It’s within walking distance of many restaurants and a couple malls with food courts.
  • Try a delivery service like Jimmy Johns – they deliver delicious sandwiches!
  • Bring your own lunch. It’ll save you money from eating out and it’ll save you the rush and hassle of trying to find a meal. Plus you won’t be at as much of a risk of losing your seats.


3. Use Public Transportation

If you are staying downtown, you won’t need a car. There is a free train that runs through town that makes farther things (more than a few blocks) more accessible. Most of the oil tool vendors are set up in hotels near the VSHA & SPCC making them easier to get to.

And try Uber! My husband and I love using Uber – it’s like a taxi but 100 times better.

But, if you do rent a car (I’ve always stayed a little bit away from downtown so I’ve always rented), that’s okay! We’ve never struggled to find parking and it was always a pretty cheap rate.

4. Budget for a Convention Kit and doTERRA Swag

Plan on extra money for the convention kit – about $300 but definitely worth it. The Convention kit is a package of all the new products at a discounted rate available to those in attendance. And NO it cannot count as your LRP that month.


5. Prep Your Feet

Rub Deep Blue (oil or rub) and Frankincense on the bottom of your feet at the beginning of the day. It usually prevents the “my feet are killing me” at the end of the day. I keep these two in my bag whenever I know I’ll be doing a lot of walking. If you need circulatory support, pack a bottle of Cypress to add to the mix.

6. Arrive Early

Plan to get to the main events at least an hour beforehand. There are tens of thousands of people attending convention, you’ll want to get there early to get seats with your team.

If you have a scheduled tour time, be sure to allow enough time to get registered. In the past, you have needed your ID bracelet/tour ticket to board the bus. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you are Silver+, arrive even earlier so you can claim seats before the big rush when the doors open to everyone.

7. Prepare for Note taking

Pack pen and paper for taking notes! My husband had his laptop out all last year. His notes were amazing!!! There’s no way you can remember everything that’s happening. Prepare your mind for a LOT of amazing speakers.

8. Love Your Lips – Moisturize!

Do not forget your chapstick or lip balm! You’ll need it – especially if you are traveling from a humid climate. Drink lots of water. Moisturize. And if you are like me, prone to bloody noses in dry climates, bring your helichrysum.


9. Phone Storage

Remember #1 where I said you need a battery pack because you’ll be snapping pictures of all the slides? Well, that also means that you need storage space on your phone to take all those pictures. So take the photos off your phone so you have enough storage space.

10. No Purse Needed

You’ll get an AWESOME dō-backpack when you check-in at convention. It’s more than enough space to pack your wallet, oils, glass water bottles, lunch, and more.

11. Bring Your Favorite Oils

Check out doTERRA’s post about traveling with oils.

Need to know more?

Check out my post about doTERRA Convention. I’ve included more tips on what to wear, the dates, schedule, recognition, and more!

More Tips?

Is there something else you’d add to this list? Let me know in the comments! I may even add it to my list!

6 Responses

  1. Is there a way to find a list of the food trucks? I will be coming from mo and I want to be able to get all my favorite foods before I leave.

  2. Love your tips here!!! I just attended my first convention and everything you said was very true and helpful! I wish I read it before attending the first one.

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