Top Resources Every Blogger Should Be Using

Time to relieve all my secrets to not only building my blog and my social media platforms but also maintaining them without completely losing my mind! Social Media is REAL work. If you want to make money in social media and you take it seriously, it can be very time-consuming. It this post I’ll reveal some of the top resources every blogger should be using. I use them to help save my time and sanity – time management is KEY to running your home business.

Top Resources Every Blogger Should Be Using

1. Tailwind

Does Pinterest stress you out? It sure stresses me out -the amount of pinning you need to do throughout the day to be a real influencer is insane. I had a problem of getting online, pinning 25 items, and then doing that again 4 days later.

Yea….that’s NOT going to work.

But you know what DOES work?

If you pin those items throughout the day during your peak customer-base times. Whoa, scary sounding right? Not so much. Tailwind does all the work for you. They analyze your followers and choose the best times of the day to pin. All you do it jump on Pinterest and have Tailwind place all your pins into a queue to re-post at the optimal times. Easy!

Here’s my instructions on how I get over a Half Million Monthly Pinterest Views!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

2. Creative Market

Do you ever wonder how blogger and social influencers also have gorgeous graphics? Well it’s not by accident. They either are super creative themselves and have tons of time on their hands. OR they use resources like Creative Market and get Free goods or pay artists for awesome fonts, photos, and graphic elements.

They have designs for everyone. Check out these Essential Oil bottle graphics! Or these absolutely stunning Neutral Summer Stock Photos – perfect for Instagram. They also have awesome fonts. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

3. PicMonkey

The best photo editing features for free.I use PicMonkey at least once a day – many times though, a few times a day. I create all my graphics using PicMonkey. They have a really good free editing service but an even better paid service. It’s simple to use and your graphics turn out great. You can do everything from create images for FB, Instagram, or Pinterest, to editing your family photos, or adding your watermark to pictures. I can’t stress how easy it is to use PicMonkey. Go and download those pretty fonts and graphics from Creative Market and then bring them over to PicMonkey to personalize them and make them yours.

4. ConvertKit

I’ll admit. It took me way too long to jump on board with ConvertKit. And I totally regret it. I had thousands of downloads of my printables and nothing to show for it. Now I’m making up for it by using ConverKit when I give away resources. In just TWO WEEKS, I have 99 subscribers!

** Update: I got this about 3 months ago and I have almost 3000 subscribers!!!!! Holy Cow!!***

It’s really important in blogging to create an email list. Not that we are expecting Facebook to shut down tomorrow, but if it did, you need back ups. And email accounts are the most reliable way to keep in touch with your followers. Consider giving away printables, photos, graphics, fonts, etc. in exchange for an email subscription. Most people are more than willing to subscribe in exchange for something valuable.

I use ConvertKit specifically because a lot of competitors don’t allow multi-level marketing sellers use their platform. ConvertKit is open to MLMs as long as you are smart and you don’t spam your follwers.

Plus I love that I can categorize my subscribers and send them exactly what they are interested in. All my essential oil friends don’t have to get military spouse tips!

5. PostCron

You have to get on Social Media if you are a blogger. I love using PostCron because I can schedule out posts weeks in advance! Saves me time! This link will get you your first month free so you can try it out.

I’ve also written a post about how to improve your facebook engagement and how NOT to spam your friends.

6. Blog Hops

Join Blog hops! They are an easy way to get you name out there, connect with other bloggers, share your work, and improve your SEO!

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